Agile Testing days 2011, Potsdam

It was absoluteley great to meet all the experts I read the articles and books in the last years from! Lisa, Crispin, Janet Gregory, Johanna Rothman, Linda, Rising, Michael Bolton, Gojko Adzic, …

Elizabeth Keogh was new to me, but her keynote was really a special one – Hypnosis by example 🙂

What is the key benefit for me taken from these days?

  • I am a tester. Someone who is coaching how to test. Quality assurance or bughunting is a part of my work but not all. It is the trend and I agree absoluteley because there are more code developers on the planet than well experienced testers!
  • Kanban? SCRUM? Hmmm… just wording, Take the principles Gojko said and I agree absoluteley on it.
  • Elizabeth was right that we are thinking in pictures and building our patterns or models in our head if we just hear the <key>words. that is the reason why I like models, pictures, … instead of code lines (or textual based presentations) for describing something 🙂
  • Okay, I use Twitter now….I will give you an update it was helpful

I am motivated to write my experiences down in some articles and will create a paper for the next agile testing days, promised:

  • Andreas Schliep (also from Bremerhaven as I am) put my motto I am doing now since +12 years into very good words:

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