Selenium 3.0, the Spec, and Onwards – with Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Lead

Watch Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Lead and inventor of WebDriver, as he gives a sneak peek at the upcoming release of Selenium 3.0, and onwards.

In this webinar, Simon covered the following topics:

  • What will this release contain
  • What impact will it have on your test runs
  • How can you preserve your existing investment in tests using the Selenium WebDriver APIs, and your even older RC tests
  • Looking forward, when will the W3C spec be complete
  • What can we expect from Selenium 4

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UniTEE is now an Open Source Project (v3.x onwards)

Unitee version 3.0r1 is now available for download.

UniTEE stands for Unified Test Engine Exemplified, and is pronounced as /ˈjuːnɪti/ (unity). It is also spelled as Unitee elsewhere.

It is a test automation engine developed by Rahul Verma, with one key goal: Unification. It targets unification of different types of test case writing, for different types of test automation, at different layers, in different languages, for different purposes, applied in different development models, for different kinds of products and so on.

This is the third major release and the key milestone is that UniTEE is now open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0..

Critical Changes

  • Unitee is now a tool/top layer component which focuses on providing features like a Command Line interface, initialization of configuration for other components and so on.
  • The core functionality is now provided by 15 loosely coupled AutoCognite components. These components are available as separate downloads and have their own respective GitHub repositories. The sources are also made available in a given AutoCognite distribution. This architecture allows users to use components independent of Unitee.
  • The components are also available as 3 kits/bundles. This allows users to use components independent of Unitee, while also saving them from additional work of identifying what all to download for a particular purpose.
  • AutoCognite Documentation has been updated to reflect these changes. The AutoCognite website has also undergone a change in its structure as per this approach.
  • All the downloads for Unitee, kits and components along with sources are placed under a single parent AutoCognite-ver-x.y directory in the download location.
  • AutoCognite examples on GitHub have been updated as per the new version.